Sunday, April 3, 2011

Papercraft Tools

I get a lot of questions asking about what papercraft tools I use, so this post is completely dedicated to just that.

First off, the paper i use is HP Premium lazar 32 lb (120 gsm) paper. Also the cutting mat, which is not numbered, is an Olfa 12" x 18" self healing cutting mat.

Now to the description of each item in the picture above.

1. Scissors - I only use these for cutting out cubee crafts because it is easier to get a straight cut then with a craft knife. I like to use ones with a shorter blade because it is easier to get into tight spots.

2. Craft knife - Mine is an Olfa knife with an angle blade, both are pretty standard and can be found on many different brands on craft knife. Be sure to buy extra blades though, when papercrfafting you only use the tip of the blade, and the thicker the paper, the quicker it is to dull. When you start to see a lot of white on the cut edges, it's time to change your blade.

3. Tweezers - Needle-point tweezers are great for small, fragile pieces, and hard to reach spots.

4. Glue - The best glue I've found for papercrafting is Aleene's Original Tacky Glue.

5. Clip - Some sort if clip, like a binder clip or paperclip is great for holding pages together and in order until you need them.

6. Pennies - Great to use as a weight in papercrafts that may need them.

7. Safety Pin - Can be used for scoring and unclogging glue bottle.

8. Tape - Great to stick down weights or any support needed inside the papercraft.

Some other things that I use, and find useful when papercrafting are:

Double-pointed knitting needles (2.75 mm) - are great for scoring folds. Other objects like a pen without ink are great to.

Fishing line - Great for displaying models that wont stand on their own.

Cardboard - Great for using as supports.

Wire - Also a tool used for supports inside.

If there are any questions about where to find the different tools or how I display all my papercrafts, leave a comment or email me at

I hope this helps all of you! ^_^


  1. Using pennies as a weight sounds like a great idea. I'll have to try that one.

  2. I sometimes use that paperclips to hold glued pieces together, instead of pressing my fingers at the gluespot until it's dry.