Friday, October 4, 2013

Wind Waker Master Sword & Shield

*** Sheath also included in download pack.


  1. *Cross posted from otaku craft*

    15-16 in (30-40 cm) blade length is awfully short.. Considering that the master sword is typically depicted as being able to be wielded as at the most a hand and a half, leaving on the upper end of 18-20 in (45.72-50.8 cm) for blade length (with your design), would make this a Long Knife and not a sword. The Implication behind it being called the Master sword would indicate it being a great sword with a blade length of between 90 cm and 120 cm (35.4331 - 47.2441 in)

  2. Keep in mind that this is just meant to be a decoration, not a life size prop. Even then, considering this is the Wind Waker Master Sword that is wielded by a child size toon Link, it's probably not too far off from being to scale.

  3. Hello! Love the design!!! can i make the blade longer if i like if i ad more of the middle parts?

    1. Thanks! In theory you should be able to, I've never tried it before. If it doesn't work the .pdo file is password free so you could make the entire sword larger if you wanted.

  4. even as a decoration, you got to respect proportions, who are you to decide ? come on

  5. These people are so ungrateful, none of them hire you to do it, nor you are charging for your hard work and they just complain about irrelevant details? I would say, if they don't like it, just don't download it and look somewhere else or do it yourself if you can, meaning or you just say thank you or you just get out of here. Easy, right? But let me tell you, it was a great job, Thank you! Highly appreciated. I'll use it for a baby shower.