Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stahma Papercraft Behind the Scenes

Here are a collection of photos that I took in between filming the building process. The time lapse video can be seen here.

The start of the building process of the head, the backside of the face and all of the tabs from the pieces that were glued together.

Progress on the face.

I had to cut and glue on custom pieces for the eyelashes.

Adding the neck and dress collar to the head, adding the hair.

Face closeups with the hair/ eyelashes added.

Adding the inside of the hood, adding the front pieces of the outside of the hood.

The completed hood.

Profile closeups with the hood.

Starting to add the arms and chest, finished arms, chest, belt and the beginning of the skirt.

One of the finished hands and size comparison, details of the side of the belt.

Different views of the progress on the body.

More progress on the skirt.

Finished hands and feet, cut pieces for the front of the belt.

The laces for the belt corset (all individual tiny strips of paper), the finished front of the belt glued on.

Finished Pictures

Extra Photos

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